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we brand unique offers with high added value

about us

We are an outstanding European partner when it comes to
the design, implementation and branding of user-centered services and products for multi-party and cross-border societal projects.

we design

we support

we brand

we design

The first thing we do is rewind your project ideas, in order to explore your original needs and dreams. If it helps, we can mediate between you, your partners and stakeholders if any issues should arise concerning your project. learn more…

we analyse

Whenever we embark on a project, we start by exploring any assumptions and expectations, with you and your team, concerning your future products or services. Step by step, we look at the expectations and needs of the intended users, before providing you with a comprehensive list of possible ideas and available resources.

we mediate

If this analysis shows that it is necessary, we can easily use our extended network to search for European or other additional funding/appropriate partners.

Working in a multi-party environment inevitably means building a consensus for project actions, as well as priorities, concepts, layout, content, timing, finance and many other issues. Our wide and long experience of mediation enables us to assist you and your team during this process.

we plan

All these efforts culminate in a detailed design concept, project proposal or official application for funding. We will help you make choices, set priorities and develop a realistic timetable for the execution of tasks and assignments based on achievable milestones, deliverables and realistic deadlines. We firmly believe that this sort of well-thought-out plan contributes massively to the future success of any product or service.


we support

Pause, relax and make use of our powerful collaborative tools and services, such as planning, budget control and tailor-made administration. learn more…

collaborative toolbox

Over the last few years, we have tested, selected and used various software tools, which facilitate collaboration between project partners (Google Drive, Skype and ActivCollab), stimulate and capture creativity (MindView), help structure projects (Gantt charts) and keep track of time (Harvest). We will be pleased to provide you with these tools.

budget and planning control

We are proud that we have so far delivered all our services and products on time, as well as within budget. This can only be achieved by implementing and continuously monitoring a detailed plan and budget, in close cooperation with our partners.

project management

We will be pleased to handle the administrative burden of collaborative projects. We will be delighted to negotiate and conclude agreements between you and us, your partners and the financial authorities. In order to maximise efficiency, we will happily help you set up and implement workable administrative procedures. And nothing gives us greater pleasure than writing intermediate and final reports for internal or external purposes.


we brand

Time to play. After a thorough mapping of your internal and external stakeholders and their needs, we provide you with a range of specialist communication skills and tools, which will make your project, product or service stand out and well-known. learn more…

our skills

Corporate Design: we capture and visualise the very essence of your project, product or service
Information: we create differentiated information products, adapted to various target audiences
Promotion: we develop original and cost-effective promotional events, such as guerrilla marketing, cross-media deals, inspiring field trips or all-inclusive international conferences

our branding toolbox

We have put together an exquisite team of creative, quality-driven professionals who will make your project their own. They all share our passion for creating perfect projects, products or services.


We try to grasp and reflect the essence of a project, product or service, which is shown in a graphic charter, including logos, colour schemes, fonts, icons, templates, etc. This charter is then used to edit flyers, brochures, magazines, posters, boards, etc.


Content management in a multi-party environment is one of our key assets. We can help with research, copy and translations. We only work with first class native speaker translators and can also double-check translations in-house (Dutch, French, German and English).


A single image says more than 1000 words. We can provide:
⁃ Photography (nature, landscape, aerial, macros, etc.)
⁃ Drawings (landscapes, infrastructures, tourist maps, etc.)
⁃ Animation (accelerated drawings, cartoons, etc.)
⁃ Film (short movie, publicity, etc.)


We produce attractive and useful tourist maps, specially tailored for walkers, cyclists, drivers, etc. The maps are personalised according to the required dimensions, scales and applications.


Even in the digital era, print is and will remain an important communication tool in the future. Our print partners, such as Drukkerij Leen in Hasselt, deliver perfect quality at a reasonable price and always within the scheduled timeframe. All types of paper, cutting, binding and packaging can be arranged.


We are masters of the bits and bytes in many different fields:
⁃ Database services (mainly for tourism)
⁃ Web services (inc. design, development, hosting, training and maintenance)
⁃ Mobile services (mobile websites, mobile apps, etc.)
⁃ Social media


We started out as The Open-Air Company and specialise in the design, delivery and installation of outdoor infrastructures for signposting (sign markers), information (boards) or education (interactive modules). We work with internationally renowned designers and reliable construction companies, which provide state-of-the-art outdoor printing techniques.


the big six

We have supported a variety of large and small-scale collaborative projects in different fields. An overview of the Big Six.


The project known as Mount St. Peter, between the Geer and Meuse is an Interreg III-A project in the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion.

Grensschap Albertkanaal

The Grensschap Albertkanaal is a citizens’ initiative. It aims to use landmarks and information as a means of telling the general public about the relationship between the soil, landscape and history in the border region surrounding Maastricht (N).

Pays des Terrils

The “Pays des Terrils” project was one of the pillars of the Interreg III Industrielle Folgelandschaft project in the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion.


We took care of all aspects of this project - from its embryonic stage to full implementation. Between Liège and Maastricht, 4 smaller tributaries of the Meuse flow through different regions of Germany, the Netherlands, Flanders, Wallonia and the German-speaking Community.


The objective of the Interreg IV SUN project was to involve urban districts, in 7 major cities within the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion, in a sustainable development dynamic.

Chemins de Mémoire

Belgian and French partners from the Greater Region initiated the Interreg IV Chemins de Mémoire project, in order to commemorate the Battle of the Frontiers, in which German and French forces clashed in August 1914.