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Chemins de Mémoire

« Airco Project Services were awarded the contract and took up the challenge of:

Their professionalism, eagerness to satisfy their customers, willingness to listen and hard work made all the effort worthwhile! »

Caroline Toussaint, Project Manager, Municipality of Virton (B)

Belgian and French partners from the Greater Region initiated the Interreg IV Chemins de Mémoire project, in order to commemorate the Battle of the Frontiers, in which German and French forces clashed in August 1914. Our first task was to provide information about the project and design 136 information boards. However, we ended up reviewing the original plan to create of a 570 km-long Chemin de Mémoire and went on to develop 10 Chemins de Mémoire with the partners. These circuits range from 35-80 km and connect the main sites of this little known but important region in terms of WWI. The main challenge was to deliver the full project before the fixed commemoration date, which only left us 4 months. Mission accomplished!