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Grensschap Albertkanaal

« Het Grensschap, an association of citizens and local authorities from border regions in the municipalities of Lanaken, Riemst and Maastricht, wished to draw attention to the region’s unique landscape and history. Together with designer Hans Lemmen, Airco Project Services helped us achieve this goal by transforming this idea into 12 landmarks. We would especially like to say how much we admired the patient way, in which Airco handled the contributions from all the different parties. We are proud of what was achieved. »

Johan Canoot, Project Manager, Municipality of Maastricht (N)

The Grensschap Albertkanaal is a citizens’ initiative. It aims to use landmarks and information as a means of telling the general public about the relationship between the soil, landscape and history in the border region surrounding Maastricht (N). The artistic concept for the landmarks was devised by Hans Lemmen. Airco was responsible for general coordination, tendering and communications.