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Pays des Terrils

« We first came into contact with Airco Project Services in 2007, when we worked on an initiative focusing on post-industrial landscapes. It was clear that we would need experts to assist us with this kind of large-scale project. The ability to listen, talk things over and respect each other played a crucial part during the different project phases, such as analysis, implementation, communication and event management. At all times, the key objective was to identify the most sensible option.
Airco provided us with solid expertise in a variety of fields. They also complement each other in various ways and have an excellent command of different languages. In addition, they know how to make the most of their vast network of highly talented artists, photographers, designers, copywriters, technicians and invaluable press contacts. All of this enabled us to make our dreams come true, while keeping our feet firmly on the ground.
This is how the Pays des Terrils came into being. It was all a wonderful experience and a great team effort. »

Michèle Vangeebergen, former Project Manager, Municipality of Saint-Nicolas (B)

The “Pays des Terrils” project was one of the pillars of the Interreg III Industrielle Folgelandschaft project in the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion. The aim of the project was to create a concept for the reclamation of slag heaps in the Euregion. We came up with the idea of creating landscape parks. The project was an interesting exercise in combining nature with industrial heritage, while providing tools that will help visitors learn about the region’s rich industrial past.