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« The local development agency was able to call upon Airco’s services and contribute to 3 major projects. Airco has the advantage of being able to offer a multi-faceted approach, combining intercultural and linguistic knowledge, expert use of management tools and leadership, as well as structuring, networking and coordination. This approach made it possible to prepare an Interreg application, on behalf of Aquadra, for the reclamation of four waterways (Gueule, Berwinne, Geer and Voer) in the Meuse-Rhine Euroregion. »

Didier Bonni, Managing Director, ADL Lontzen Plombières Welkenraedt, AQUADRA project coordinator

We took care of all aspects of this project - from its embryonic stage to full implementation. Between Liège and Maastricht, 4 smaller tributaries of the Meuse flow through different regions of Germany, the Netherlands, Flanders, Wallonia and the German-speaking Community. This makes efficient water quality and quantity management a major challenge. Together with local organisations and authorities, we set up a collaborative structure for the increased integration of principles, data, tools and techniques.